Alison McAleese is an experienced dietitian specialising in public health and obesity prevention. She also has a keen interest in reducing inequalities related to food nutrition. Over the past 12 years she has worked in community nutrition education, project development and public health roles in Australia and the UK. For the past 6 years Alison has been the Healthy Lifestyles Campaigns Manager at Cancer Council Victoria.


(0.39) What is meal planning?
(1.00) Benefits of planning your meals

(1.27) Key things to think about when planning meals

(2.17) Benefits to shopping less frequently

(2.53) Foods to buy and how to plan

(4.07) How to replace ingredients

(5.05) Keeping shopping healthy

(5.55) Where to find recipes

(6.23) How to start out


Useful Resouces

Live Lighter

Better Health Channel

Nutrition Australia


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