Dr Andrew Bradbeer is the lead physician and medical director at Sleep Health Group, working as a specialist in respiratory and sleep medicine in Western Victoria, and the South East of South Australia since 2004. He also supervises a network of sleep centres and home sleep testing locations throughout the region.

His clinical interests range from Acute respiratory disorders such as Asthma, Lung Cancer and COPD to all aspects of Sleep Medicine.

This interview took place over the phone with Andrew so the sound quality may be a little different to previous podcasts but enables us to bring you some amazing guest speakers.

(0.45) What is considered as “normal” sleep

(2.22) How common are sleep problems?

(3.10) Common causes of sleep problems

(3.41) Behaviours that impact sleep

(4.13) When to seek help

(5.21) Snoring – factors affecting it

(6.57) Sleep apnoea – what is it?

(8.35) Treatments for obstructive sleep apnoea and when to seek help

(10.25) Who is more likely to have obstructive sleep apnoea?

(11.51) Insomnia explanation and symptoms

(13.44) Treatments for insomnia

(16.33) Impact of exercise and nutrition on insomnia

(16.59) Sleep studies – what they are and why someone would have one

(19.11) Where to find more information

Useful Links

Sleep Health Group www.sleephealthgroup.com.au

National Sleep Foundation https://www.sleepfoundation.org/

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