Dr Joanna McMillan is a PHD qualified nutrition scientist and accredited practicing dietitian, as well as appearing regularly on television across a variety of networks, featuring on a number of radio stations and appearing in online and print publications.

In this episode, the impact of food on the brain will be discussed.

(0:35) The brain and ageing

(3.09) Key risk factors for cognitive decline and dementia

(4.28) Should we be scared of carbohydrates?

(5.22) Role of carbohydrates in brain health

(6.52) Understanding the impact of different forms of carbohydrates

(7.51) Smart carbohydrates

(8.59) Top wholegrains to include in the diet

(10.17) Diversify your grains

(10.47) Fibre types and brain health

(11.45) Where to find resistant starch

(13.07) The gut and the brain

(13.41) Protein and brain health

(15.57) Embracing good fats in the diet

(17.37) Cognition and extra virgin olive oil

(19.29) Key foods to emphasise for better brain health

(21.10) Foods to cut out for better brain health

(22.18) Where to find out more on this topic

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