Andrew Fuller is a clinical psychologist who has worked with over 1,000 schools and more than 500,000 young people, is a Fellow at the University of Melbourne, has been a scientific consultant on the ABC, as well as written more than 8 books on the topics of parenting, resilience, and identifying strengths for young people.

In this episode we’ll be discussing resilience in children and teenagers.

(0:42) How did you become interested in building resilience in children and teens?
(1:27) Definition of resilience
(2:29) How do we know if we need to build resilience in our children and teens?
(2:45) Importance of making mistakes
(3:45) How to foster and build resilience in children and teens
(4:40) Importance of connection
(4:55) Importance of protection
(5:22) Importance of respect
(6:08) What to look for when choosing a school
(8:21) The importance of role modelling
(9:52) How to connect to your own learning strengths
(12:13) Setting boundaries
(14:48) Recognising low self-esteem in children or teens
(16:55) Developing social skills
(19:03) Consistency and how this impacts your child
(21:51) Separated families and resilience
(24:21) “Click and go” generation
(26:27) Instant gratification
(28:20) Teaching kids to wait
(29:21) Key ways to maintain good relationships with kids
(30:19) Rituals and why they are important
(31:14) Top 3 golden rules of parenting
(35:36) How can parents and carers look after themselves?
(37:50) What books have you written on the topic?

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