Sam is one of Australia’s leading fitness experts and a personal trainer with over 18 years of experience in the fitness industry.

From a humble fitness instructor at his university gym during his first year of exercise science to a personal trainer doing 90 appointments a week and opening Gecko Sports (Australia's first ever kids gym), Sam has been lucky enough to experience it all. Today Sam is the very proud owner of The Woodshed, Australia's largest personal training studio in Brighton, Victoria. He’s also a celebrity trainer, media commentator, and regular contributor to print and digital media, with a refreshingly honest and relatable take on all things health and fitness, as well as being the founder, mentor and trainer at 28 by Sam Wood.

(1.13) Juggling work and life

(1.38) The start of Sam Wood’s fitness career

(4.29) What Sam enjoys about fitness training

(6.46) Sam’s businesses today

(8.27) Being on The Bachelor and keeping fit

(9.20) Sam Wood’s current exercise routine

(10.49) Should we worry more about exercise or eating well?

(12.05) Philosophy on what to eat

(12.50) Advice for those starting their exercise journey

(14.21) Common mistakes people make on their fitness journey

(15.29) Goal setting

(17.04) How mindset plays a role in exercise

(18.32) Motivation is temporary

(19.46) How behaviour can sabotage good intentions

(21.57) The role of “community” in increasing physical activity

(23.28) Importance of quality and consistency when exercising

(25.16) Best time to exercise

(26.00) Why do you like HIIT?

(26.51) Working out with high intensity

(28.08) Signs you’re going too hard too soon with exercise

(29.19) Cardio exercise recommendations

(30.49) What is functional fitness?

(32.01) Resistance training activities

(32.38) What is 28 by Sam Wood?

(34.05) Why 28 by Sam Wood is so popular with mums

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