Professor Lorimer Moseley is a physiotherapist and pain scientist. He has authored 340 papers and five books. He has a long-standing interest in using contemporary and innovative methods to ‘translate’ contemporary pain science into concepts and language that clinicians and patients can both understand and then integrate into their own decision making. His contribution to the pain field has been recognised by the University of South Australia’s first Doctor of Science award, honorary fellowship of the Australian Faculty of Pain Medicine, Australia & New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, honoured membership of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and awards from government or community groups in 14 countries.

This interview took place over the phone with Lorimer from interstate so the sound quality may be a little different to previous podcasts but enables us to bring you some amazing guest speakers.

(1:11) The mechanics & reason behind pain
(4.55) Where most pain is experienced
(5.53) Most common causes for back pain
(10.00) How is pain the end result?
(11.45) Which people get the biggest shift in their chronic pain journey?
(14.19) Understanding the overprotective pain system
(16.02) The most effective treatments for chronic pain
(21.54) How will I know it’s safe to start moving again?
(25.59) Staying active with pain
(30.05) What types of movement are recommended
(32.05) Is it possible to speed up recovery?
(34.51) The role of mindfulness in pain recovery
(37.13) Is there a place for surgery?
(39.24) Persistent and non-persistent pain
(41.50) Where to seek help with your pain
(42.55) How to tell if you have a good health professional
(44.40) Sources to find out more information on pain

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