Mel Bald has a Bachelor of Human Movement, a Post Graduate degree in Sports Management, and a Bachelor in Nutritional Medicine, alongside years of experience working in public health, and also working as a nutritionist 1 on 1 with clients to help them reach their health goals.

Mel is the Health and Nutrition Coordinator at GMHBA Health Insurance where she develops programs and educational resources to support members and community with their health journey.

(0.04) What exactly are macronutrients?

(2.11) What a healthy balanced meal is made up of

(3.18) Examples of a healthy meal

(4.10) Balance of macros and what it does to your energy levels

(4.58) How to eat your macros around your activity levels

(5.49) Do we need to snack?

(6.52) The best types of snacks

(7.36) Food prep – how to go about it

(8.56) Meal preparation tips for busy people

(10.12) Meal planning tips and tricks

(11.33) Quality of food and energy

(12.36) Diversity of food and energy

(13.39) Sugar and the effect on energy

(14.22) The impact of water intake and energy

(15.05) How much water should we drink?

(15.27) Energy and alcohol

(16.10) What coffee does to our energy

(16.59) Mel’s day on a plate

(19.27) Resources for healthy eating

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