Professor Dorothy Bruck is a Professor of Psychology at Victoria University, has over 70 peer-reviewed publications, and is Chair of the Sleep Health Foundation. She has a particular expertise and interests in sleep/wake behaviour, mental health, and chronic fatigue.

(0.35) Why sleep matters

(1.25) Sleep and its restorative role

(2.00) Number of hours of sleep we need

(2.50) Children and adolescent sleep requirements

*Please note: Podcast error - Dorothy mentions teenagers need 14-17hours sleep, however this should be 8-10 hours.

(3.37) Weekends, sleep and teenagers

(5.01) Can we sleep too much?

(6.22) The secrets to afternoon napping

(7.56) Can we train ourselves to need less sleep?

(8.39) The problem with sleep deprivation

(9.16) Sleep and wake time consistency

(10.04) Circadian rhythm – what is it and what does it do?

(11.02) The hormone melatonin

(11.45) The sleep drive

(12.57) What does "normal" sleep looks like

(14.07) Sleep cycles

(15.37) Gender and sleep differences

(17.05) Indications of quality sleep

(19.02) Sugar cravings and sleep deprivation

(19.22) Tools to help sleep

(21.53) Self soothing

(23.11) Unwinding before bed

(25.28) Alcohol and sleep

(26.30) Exercising before bed

(27.43) Are there specific foods that help sleep?

(28.51) Time between dinner and sleep

(29.09) The most beneficial thing you can do to get a good nights sleep

(29.44) The link between sleep and anxiety and depression

(30.44) Genetics and insomnia

(31.49) Impact of sleep and memory

(32.15) Sleep and dementia relationship

(33.19) Ageing and how this impacts sleep

(35.19) The most surprising things I’ve learnt from sleep research

(36.50) Where to find out more on sleep improvement   

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