James Nelson graduated from Melbourne University over 20 years ago with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree. His career highlights include working overseas with the British Forces in Germany helping rehabilitate military personnel, and with elite athletes while based in Dublin for a year. He is currently at Geelong Physiotherapy group where he has worked since the early 2000's.

His particular interest area is in lower limb rehabilitation, in particular the hip and knee. On a daily basis he see’s clients with knees of various presentations ranging from the younger athletic types returning to high-level function, to assisting people in their attempts to delay or prevent surgery, whilst also helping those in post-operative rehabilitation following surgery (for example ligament reconstruction or joint replacement surgery).

(1.05) What knee arthritis is and the different types
(2.22) Risk factors for osteoarthritis
(4.11) Where does osteoarthritis affect?
(5.06) Diagnosis and symptoms of knee arthritis
(7.05) How physiotherapy assists osteoarthritis
(7.57) What physiotherapy treatment entails
(9.21) Number of physio sessions required
(10.16) Age when knee osteoarthritis occurs
(11.04) Heat and cold therapy
(13.00) Hydrotherapy and osteoarthritis
(13.15) The role of education
(15.21) Effect of high impact sports or a sedentary lifestyle
(16.00) Importance of exercise in rehabilitation
(16.21) The role of cortisone injections
(17.28) When should surgery be considered?
(18.48) Is it safe to exercise?
(20.37) Strengthening exercises
(21.29) Pain with exercise
(23.01) The influence of being overweight on knee arthritis
(24.53) More information

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