Dr Joanna McMillan is a PhD qualified Nutrition Scientist and Accredited Practising Dietitian.

She is one of Australia's favourite and most trusted health and wellbeing experts. A regular on television, she most recently hosted the ABC's series Gut Revolution and Beating Diabetes. She is also a regular commentator on Channel 9's Today Show, Channel 7 and 9 News and Studio 10, and across a variety of radio networks, online and print publications.

This interview took place over the phone with Joanna so the sound quality may be a little different to previous podcasts but enables us to bring you some amazing guest speakers.

(0.58) The foundations of a healthy diet

(2.01) How to put a healthy meal together

(3.46) Nutrients for kids growth and development

(6.15) Tips on getting kids to eat vegetables

(7.58) Planning a week of balanced meals

(11.06) Favourite plant rich meals

(12.33) Are raw or cooked vegetables better?

(13.46) Lunchbox ideas

(16.46) After school snacks

(18.46) Refuelling for sport

(20.05) Benefits of sitting down for a meal

(22.11) Key ingredients to have in the pantry and fridge

(24.31) Favourite kitchen utensils and appliances

(26.54) Other resources

Useful Links

Feel Good Family Food Plan Book

Dr Joanna McMillan website

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