Dr Sarah White was appointed Director of Quit Victoria in 2014 and is the leading national spokesperson for tobacco control.  Dr White oversees the delivery of the Victorian Quitline, which is renowned for its development of new service and technology delivery models for smoking cessation (telephone) counselling. Other key areas of expertise include smoking cessation practice change models in health system settings, and the impact of smoking on health, particularly for priority populations, such as people with mental illness or substance use disorders.

Dr White has a strong track record in policy development, public advocacy and government relations, and extensive experience in communicating research and media relations.

(1.06) How nicotine addiction works

(2.17) How does someone know if they’re addicted?

(3.22) Factors involved in smoking addiction

(4.37) Dealing with smoking triggers

(5.39) Social situations

(6.53) Why a smoking diary is useful

(8.01) Factors which can influence success

(9.43) Increasing chances of quitting

(10.32) Should you quit abruptly or slowly?

(12.03) Role of medications and nicotine replacements

(13.07) What types are available?

(14.28) Nicotine replacement therapy addiction

(15.11) Accessing nicotine replacement therapy

(16.01) What to expect from the Quitline

(17.24) Other resource suggestions

Useful Resources

QUIT www.quit.org.au

Quitline #13 78 48

My Quit Buddy App

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